About Guruni ji

Up-Pravartani Mahasadhvi Shri Shri 1008 Shri Kailash Wati Ji Maharaj

In this modern age when daily problems take us away from peace and happiness or when negative energies create family problems, adversely affect children, create health problems, disturb relationship, cause damage to businesses, destroy mental peace, involve people in false legal cases then only Guru’s blessings and guidance shows us the path to alleviate most of our troubles.

To search for true Spiritual Master (Guru) is not all that easy these days. One has to make an effort to find a sincere Guru. A genuine Guru never cheats any body by indulging in gimmicks. Instead he or she is a representative of God and speaks only about God. Guru has no interest in material life. Guru never declares himself or herself as God.

Guru is absorbed all the time in devotional services to the Supreme Lord and all action of Guru are connected with God. Without much effort one can get many charlatans but it’s difficult to find a genuine Guru. True Guru can enlighten you with transcendental knowledge and helps the persons to get more control over their life by developing higher states of consciousness. A real Spiritual Master also helps us to get rid of old age sufferings and repeated births, the ultimate goal of human life.

True Gurus free themselves forever from the cycle of birth and death. This state of freedom is called Moksha. They are experiencing ultimate, unobstructed bliss and are not subjected to any kind of suffering. They possess perfect and total knowledge and perception, that means they know and perceive everything in total that is happening now, that has happened in the past, and that which will happen in the future all at the same time and they also possess infinite energy. They have no desires and are completely detached thus making them immune from any sense of craving or aversion.

Guruni Ji believes that Jainism emphasizes equality of opportunities to achieve perfect freedom and spiritual perfection, be it a highborn or any backward class member, even the lowest form of life. Each one has the potentiality of reaching the highest state. Jainism does not say that some particular class will be given freedom and the others will remain in bondage.

Born Thursday, June 5th 1930 in Tosham, Hissar, Haryana, India to Lala Sh. Maru Ram and Smt. Bhulla Devi. She left family home to live and travel with Maha Sadhvi Shri Shri 1008 Shri Dhan Devi Ji Maharaj. To work for the welfare of others and non-violence and universal love are inherent in her soul

Shri Kailash Wati Ji Maharaj took

Deeksha on Wednesday, May 9th 1945 at Bhiwani, Haryana, India. Devoted maximum time in serving her Guru at Rohtak, Haryana and motivated the masses towards religion. Her very tangible and concrete work is exemplified in the Punjab in the early seventies.According to Guruni Ji the highest Charity is Abhay Daan i.e. to give freedom from fear- the fear of death, injury, torture, hurt, oppression, etc.